Very easy to use, so suitable for every participant

The safe sending and receiving of privacy-sensitive information is important for every organization. The importance of a secure file transfer is even more important for governments and municipalities.

GRID, a joint regional ICT service, provides IT for the municipalities of Westerwolde, Oldambt, Pekela and Veendam and others. Municipalities are increasingly making use of online solutions for residents and municipal employees. This sets high standards to the IT environ-ment. GRID provides IT services with an eye for efficiency and costs, so that the front, middle and back office of the four municipalities can provide residents with the correct and current support.

Below you can read why they chose FileCap.

Comply with BIG (Dutch Municipalities Baseline Information Security)

Long before the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), GRID started looking for a solution that enables employees to send sensitive information securely. The use of WeTransfer, Dropbox or a USB stick for transferring data is limited for municipalities. This is because they must comply with the BIG (Dutch Municipalities Baseline Information Security). Henno van Vondel is an IT consultant at GRID and explains: “Our regional IT service was established to offer high-quality IT support to four municipalities. This collaboration provides strength, and that is particularly important in a period in which many digital changes are taking place. GRID manages the IT environment for around 1800 users. Every day we are working hard to maintain the continuity and quality of our services. Offering a secure environment in which sensitive data can be sent is of course part of that.

User friendly file transfer tool

In April 2018, the municipality of Oldambt asked GRID to see if there was a way to securely send files containing information from citizens. The information manager of the municipality of Oldambt had previously viewed FileCap and was enthusiastic about it. The team decided to compare multiple solutions. “At the top of our priority list was that the transfer solution had to be very user-friendly. Not all employees deal easily with IT applications , so the more accessible the better. We also looked at the functionalities and the costs. FileCap scored the best on all three points, so the decision was made quickly. “

FileCap can easily be scaled up to thousands of users on one subscription
Henno van VondelIT advisor at GRID

FileCap was first introduced to the municipality of Oldambt. It turned out that the employees could handle it well. And so the use of the solution spread very quickly, according to Van Vondel. “After Oldambt, the other municipalities indicated that they also see the benefits of FileCap. That was ideal for GRID, because the FileCap server can easily be scaled up to a thousand or more users. And we only need to purchase one subscription for that, so the costs are quite low. ”

Email via Outlook as usual but now also secure

To get municipal employees enthusiastic and well-informed about FileCap, a clear user manual was created. “People use Outlook, and the FileCap plugin allows employees to securely send sensitive data with just one tick in the taskbar. The data is retrieved by the recipient, who can only open the file if he has the password. This password must of course meet certain security standards, and that is enforceable. FileCap therefore complies with the Baseline Information Security for Municipalities, and it is also GDPR proof. We are completely ready for the future at this point. ”