Even more ease of use and management

Nieuwe features MSP

With the new release of FileCap, it is even easier for users to handle privacy-sensitive data in a responsible manner.

For MSPs interesting features have been added with which they can simplify and improve their services.

Below we inform you about the most important changes to FileCap.

More ease of use for customers and administrators

In its new version, FileCap has made important changes that increase the ease of use for customers and administrators. As of now, customers can find the encrypted files they sent in their mailbox. Customers see the message with the sent file as an attachment in the “Sent items”.

Unique link

In addition, the new release of FileCap offers a handy application. A company or institution that uses the FileCap server can send people an e-mail with a link to the FileCap portal. This way, this external person can safely send information to the organization. This link is linked to a specially created e-mail address, in this case as an example safefiles@forschool.en. Organizations or parents who have to send sensitive data to the school, click on the link and send their data securely via FileCap. This link can be used for a long time, which is useful for regular users. The school receives all data on one secure e-mail address, so that the overview is kept. In this way, the chance that data from children become public is very small. This option can of course not only be used for schools, but for all authorities and companies that want to comply with the AVG.

MSPs can limit data

Important changes have been made in the new version to make it easier for Managed Service Providers (MSP) to manage data. The service provider can set quotas for the FileCap server and apply a maximum to the size of the file that is sent. If a client’s server is overloaded, the MSP can set up a warning in time.

FileCap is a business solution that allows users to easily and securely share large files and e-mails with colleagues and customers. The FileCap server is not hosted in a public cloud, but is installed by the managed server provider on one virtual multi-tenant server. An important security element is that the MSP cannot view the files or the reports. The files themselves are always encrypted saved and sent. To ensure that the server does not “fill up”, the MSP can now set a quota for each specific FileCap server. In addition, the size of the file sent by the customer can also be limited. If the customer nevertheless sends or receives too much data, the administrator can set up a timely notification. In consultation with the customer, he can then decide to adjust the data limit of the FileCap server.

What does the FileCap expert say about the new release?

Bert Janssen, IT security consultant at FileCap: “More and more organizations that understand the importance of the GDPR make use of FileCap. All files, whether large or small, may contain sensitive or confidential information. With FileCap, the files and e-mails are protected by means of encryption. In addition, companies can make sure the recipients can only download the data after the password has been entered. From today, all sent secure messages can be found very clearly under “Sent Items”. This way users can always show which information has been sent. With this new feature we make it even easier for users to handle privacy-sensitive data in a responsible manner. ”