Ease of use ensures that employees send data securely

Schools, institutions and parents frequently exchange privacy-sensitive data about children via email. With this, the privacy of the children must remain guaranteed. Zone.college relies on FileCap as Secure Email and File Transfer Solution.

Zone.college is working on large-scale Green vocational education in the east of the Netherlands. The educational institution wants to ensure progressive vocational education that fits in better with vocational education and in which the business community is closely involved. This makes education more educational for pupils and students and employees have a more interesting perspective.

Below you can read why they chose FileCap.

Digital safety for students and employees

The Zone.college is an innovative school that pays a lot of attention to sustainability and also values digital safety for students and staff. Approximately seven thousand pupils and students are taught at more than nine locations. Within this hectic organization, policy officer Niek Bunskoek and IT manager René van Veen are responsible for the application of IT projects that are in accordance with legislation and regulations. Because of the fact that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires that documents with privacy-sensitive information may only be sent in a secure manner, the Zone.college started looking for a secure file transfer solution.

Van Veen explains: “The fact is that email is not a secure medium. Because sensitive information about students and employees is regularly shared with colleagues or organizations, it is necessary that this is done within a safe environment. Previously, several cloud file transfer applications were used for sharing large files. The disadvantage is that we have no agreements with these providers and that it is therefore not clear what happens with the data. That had to change, so we went looking for a provider with whom we could make good agreements. We found that in Contec, the producer and supplier of Filecap. ”

Looking for a file transfer tool that runs locally

Since 1 August 2018, the AOC Oost and Groene Welle have been merged into one educational organization: the Zone.college. Bunskoek: “The merger was a challenge, also where IT is concerned. We completed the merger last summer, and then had time to compare different file transfer solutions. The most important demand was that the solution could be run locally and the ease of use was high. As an educational institution, we have a limited budget, so we also looked at the rates with a sharp eye. FileCap was the most suitable solution. ”

Not only does the product has to score high in quality, the educational organization believes that cooperation with the supplier must also be equivalent. Van Veen explains this: “With large software suppliers you are often no more than a number. That’s okay if everything goes well. But if something goes wrong, or you have a special request, then it is nice if the supplier listens to you and takes you seriously. Contec does that. An example: the password to open the attachments of the mail is sent via sms. We already worked with an SMS center and wanted to continue using it. Contec then added it to their SMS provider list. It shows that Contec likes to think along with us, and that creates a lot of confidence. ”

FileCap is an equal partner for us
Niek Bunskoek & René van VeenPolicy officer & IT Manager at Zone.college

The implementation of the FileCap server was done by the IT department itself. The institute has two file transfer portals: one for regular education and one for course education. Bunskoek: “The great thing is that these two portals each have their own look & feel, but fall under one FileCap subscription. Very clear. In addition, our employees can send an invite to external organizations so that they can also use FileCap. So safety goes two ways. This is of course necessary, but it is not always thought of. I am glad that we have this settled. ”

Inform users in time and ensure optimum ease of use

After the implementation was completed in early 2019, the organization was informed about the applications and use of FileCap. Van Veen: “A secure file transfer application is essential, but training and informing users is just as important. Last year we held several sessions about the GDPR, it is imperative that employees know what the policy is when it comes to sending privacy-sensitive information. Through this knowledge, it is understood that the use of FileCap is really necessary. Because users can securely send files with one click in Outlook, it is no problem for our employees to send sensitive data in the right way. That is the secret of every successful IT implementation: inform users in good time and ensure that ease of use is optimal. That is fine with FileCap. ”