FileCap is easy to manage and very user friendly

Heiper ICT is an IT service provider with a broad spectrum of customers in the Netherlands. These companies, with on average between 5 and 100 workplaces, are located in the legal, care and education sectors, but also in the construction and hospitality industry. Heiper supports the IT applications in these organizations, from advice and implementation to management and maintenance.

Mark Koele, project manager at MSP Heiper ICT, explains how they offer FileCap Secure E-mail and File Transfer as a service to their customers.

Below you can read why they chose FileCap.


“Het werk is bij Heiper altijd dynamisch”, zegt Mark Koele, projectmanager bij Heiper ICT. “Bedrijven veranderen continu en dat wordt gedreven door internet en andere externe factoren. Zo vinden er aanpassingen plaats in de bedrijfs-omvang of -activiteiten, of wil men processen efficiënter maken. Vaak is het echter ook de markt of de overheid die veranderingen teweeg brengen in organisaties. ICT speelt een grote rol om al die veranderingen mogelijk te maken en onze experts helpen daarbij.”

Privacy legislation required changes

A good example of an externally driven change is the privacy legislation that came into force last year. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) stipulates that companies must handle personal data lawfully and with care. For many organizations, this required adjustments to the way in which people collect, process, store and send this data. “The latter in particular is a hot issue for many companies,” says Koele. “The insight into how and where you process and store data is still available, but there is often no insight at all into what happens with the data when it is sent. Employees simply do this in an email or, in the case of large files, via online services such as WeTransfer. This violates the GDPR requirements, because it requires you to be able to show where the personal data files are stored when you press send. ”


Heiper ICT helps with FileCap as a service
Mark KoeleProject manager at Heiper ICT

Unlike most online services, FileCap keeps all data locally in a FileCap server that is set up at Heiper ICT in a secure demilitarized  zone (DMZ) of the data  center. “The FileCap server is accessible via a web portal where employees can upload and download files,” says Koele. “FileCap also has plug-ins for email programs such as Microsoft Outlook and support for the Office 365 suite that runs locally. Employees who mail confidential data automatically end up at FileCap with one click. FileCap places a link in the email message and the recipient clicks on it to retrieve the files. All this is done via secure and encrypted connections. That way the personal data remains protected from unauthorized persons. ”

Heiper ICT also uses FileCap to send sensitive information. “For example documents containing personal data, user names and passwords of our customers,” says Koele. “We do that through the secure download of FileCap. My colleagues from the support team use it almost daily to support customers. ”

Thanks to FileCap, Heiper ICT can offer its customers a service that allows them to securely send and receive confidential and sensitive data and large files. “FileCap is safe, user-friendly, easy and fast,” says Koele. “Our customers do not have to make an investment or make updates themselves. All data is encrypted, so nobody can access it, not even us as a service provider. The user-friendliness is very high and for our customers FileCap does not change daily practice. That makes it very easy to work AVG-proof. “

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