FileCap is a safe, business alternative for WeTransfer

Regio Rivierenland supports the cooperation of eight municipalities in the Culemborgerwaard, the Betuwe and the west of the Land of Maas and Waal. The focus of the regional cooperation is on three economic spearheads: Agribusiness, Economy and Logistics and Recreation and Tourism. They are also working on various projects in the field of sustainable energy, living and fiber.

Regio Rivierenland was looking for a reliable alternative for WeTransfer to safely send and receive privacy-sensitive legal documents and information. They chose FileCap.

Below you can read their motivation.

New legislation requires a new perspective on the sharing of privacy-sensitive information

In 2016 Regio Rivierenland had to deal with new legislation concerning Social Support. The implementation of this law has to be done by the municipality. They must ensure that people who need support are provided with tailor-made help. This new accountability involves a lot of privacy-sensitive administration and files that need to be shared safely between municipalities or with external parties. Because WeTransfer, which was used until then, is not the most safe way for file transfer they started looking for an alternative.

Extensive demo and test

Erik van Verseveld, Team Leader & Senior network and application specialist at Regio Rivierenland: “After a short online search we ended up at FileCap, who offered us a live demo. Of course we had a few  conditions that the solution should meet, but after the test it turned out that FileCap completely met the requirements that we had set. We also received good feedback from other municipalities that use FileCap. In addition, we knew Contec, FileCap’s supplier, as a reliable company that provides good security products. The demo was therefore converted to a fixed license. The installation is really easy and can be done by any network administrator. “

With FileCap I offer our employees an environment in which privacy-sensitive data are handled automatically and safely
Erik van VerseveldTeam leader & Senior network and application specialist Regio Rivierenland

Besides the safe sending and receiving of files, FileCap has additional options. “The safe transfer of files is one thing, but we also want files to be sent safely between our departments,” explains Van Verseveld. “We can send an invitation to external organizations so that they can email the documents to our employees via the FileCap portal. Another useful tool is that if you accidentally selected a wrong recipient, you can pull back your mail and the file. An additional and positive thing is that administrators can demand employees to use a good password. With this password protocol, FileCap also complies with the BIG(Dutch Municipalities Baseline Information Security).

About the new FileCap option to also send your email and the subject with encryption, says Van Verseveld: “I’m really excited about that. Partly as a result of the new legislation and regulations, our employees increasingly wonder whether they are doing well. I do not want the user to think about it, I want to offer them an environment in which privacy-sensitive data are automatically and safely handled. FileCap is a very user friendly and secure solution that offers features that the customer really benefits from. In addition, those options are free, and that are all good reasons for continuing to use the product.