JPR Lawyers: FileCap offers an all-in-one with Secure Mail and File Transfer

JPR is a law firm with active and specialized lawyers. These mainly work for companies in the east of the Netherlands in the role of a house lawyer or as a specialist. JPR has employees at several locations: Deventer, Doetinchem, Zutphen and Utrecht.

The IT manager from JPR Lawyers was looking for a Secure Email and File Transfer Tool to safely send and receive privacy-sensitive legal documents and information. He chose FileCap.

Below you can read his motivation.

Hosted on your own server

In 2018 JPR Lawyers decided that it was time for a solution with which large and privacy-sensitive documents could be sent to clients. The most important requirement was that the product could be hosted in the data center that JPR uses, so it was certain that it  was not available for unwanted readers. Another requirement was that the look and feel of the portal could be adjusted so that customers would immediately experience the familiar feeling of JPR when retrieving their documents. The IT manager at JPR started to look for a suitable platform, and after comparing several products, he opted for FileCap. He explains: “FileCap is developed by Contec, and with this party we already had positive experiences. Besides the fact that the product is good and safe, it also has an excellent licensing model. We are not bound for years and having no annoying restrictions is experienced as very pleasant and reliable. “

Easy implementation

JPR has its own server environment, and first started a demo to test FileCap. The product turned out the be what they were looking for. Together with automation partner Unica ICT Solutions the solution was installed. The IT manager of JPR finished the configuration himself and says: “Implementing was really a piece of cake. Everything ran within half an hour. After that we adjusted the web interface based on our corporate identity, so that it is immediately clear to customers that this is the JPR Advocaten portal. “

Legal documents should be sent and received safely
IT Manager JPR Lawyers

The lawyers and secretaries of JPR make extensive use of FileCap. “The Outlook plugin makes it very easy to send the files securely. We do not have to give any training because the product is very intuitive. An important additional advantage is that we can also send an invitation to our customers to email us the documents encrypted. This way we ensure that security goes in both directions, which is important for legal documents. “

The IT manager at JPR is very enthusiastic about the option to send not only files, but also the email plus associated subject via FileCap: “It is not very practical to use an additional secure mail solution to a secure file transfer platform. The fact that these solutions are available in one environment ensures overview and simplicity. That’s what we like at JPR lawyers. “