FileCap: the secure email and file transfer tool for organizations with high demands on information security

From now on FileCap makes it possible to send emails completely  encrypted. 

Since the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) documents containing privacy sensitive information may no longer be unsecured online. Practice shows that not only documents but also emails contain sensitive information. FileCap now offers the possibility to share documents as well as the e-mail exchange itself in a secure environment.

Prevent your privacy sensitive information from being intercepted

In many organizations, emails containing privacy sensitive information are sent daily. In order to ensure that these data does not fall into the wrong hands, the new FileCap version contains an option for email encryption.

How does FileCap protect the email exchange?

FileCap is very easy to use via, for example, the Outlook plugin. Users click on the FileCap button in Outlook, with which they send the complete email, subject and attachment, encrypted to the recipient. This person receives an email with a URL, when clicked on, the recipient receives a text message with a unique code or enters a password. The URL directs the recipient to a web portal, where he can log in with the SMS code or the agreed password and access the encrypted mail and attachments. In this portal he can also respond to the mail, so that the entire correspondence stays in a secure environment, but he can also download the emails and attachments. The recipient does not need to have a FileCap license or install plugins, which increases the user-friendliness for all parties.

More details about FileCap email encryption can be found here.

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